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Alkon System

Alkon is one of the leading suppliers of glass balcony systems with high quality aluminum. Alkon products are used millions of times worldwide and meet the highest demands in terms of design, comfort, safety and energy savings.

For 20 years we have been offering you the most comfortable and safe living spaces.

With 20 years of experience and knowledge, Alkon produces innovative, innovative and user-experienced products that lead the sector. Alkon, whose quality is recognized worldwide, offers services with 185 sales and service network as a professional glass balcony system. Alkon product range consists of easy-to-use and long-lasting products.

New generation solutions for new generation balconies

Alkon's innovative approach and R&D team strives to ensure that its products are always of the same quality and function. Our products, which are continuously analyzed for production, have also successfully passed professional certification processes and quality tests. Alkon has always prioritized creating safe living spaces as well as offering an aesthetic appearance in its products.

Alkon professional sales and service network is always with you

Alkon Protec protects all its users. In the simplest negativity they may experience, Alkon service network steps in and solves the problem. With our trained personnel, we build wonderful balconies that will expand your living space and that you can use for years without any problems.

Professional solutions for homeowners, architects, contractors and businesses

Alkon transfers all the experience it has gained to its technology and infrastructure, especially research and development processes, to make its products more useful. It attaches more importance to user feedback than anything else. It offers professional glass balcony systems applicable for all spaces.

Producing high quality products, Alkon attaches great importance to energy efficiency. Alkon makes environmentally friendly production with renewable energy.

Innovative, sustainable and user-friendly

We offer a 10-year parts warranty and supply for all our products. We create balconies and multifunctional living spaces where life is always alive. Alkon offers aesthetic, modern and functional glass balcony systems. Alkon provides more space for living by transforming spaces into inspiring and versatile spaces.

Alkon Capacity

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