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Alkon Factory

Design and Engineering

Alkon has become a preferred solution partner of its customers thanks to its innovative infrastructure developed with its young, dynamic and expert design and engineering team and the product and service quality it constantly improves. Being aware of the needs of the sector, Alkon is constantly growing with the steps it takes and is an organization open to innovation and development.

Extrusion Aluminum Production Stage

Proprietary extrusion molds from Alkon, aluminum production alloys 6060 and 6063 billet are heated between 400 and 600 degrees, drawn in 36mt length, and cut to certain dimensions. The hardness values come out of the production line by paying attention to the sensitive measurement units from the 16-hour tempered thermal furnaces. Foil tape with the Alkon logo is covered and shipped from the protective packaging stage.

Before the surface coating is applied in our electrostatic paint facility, chemical cleaning and surface abrasion are carried out from the cleaning pools. Acid abrasives create adhesion pores on the aluminum surface and make preliminary preparation for paint. This process increases the paint adhesion life 30 times. In this way, oxidation is prevented, providing long-lasting use and preventing problems such as color change.

Aluminum static receiving connections are made and the robots give the paint a precise shot between 0.7 microns and 10 microns by giving current. Depending on the RAL group, the static paint is automatically cured for 15 minutes at 180 degrees to 210 degrees. The product goes through the protective packaging phase and quality control phase after the dyeing process, and then it is shipped.